FR-1 Cork bicycle saddle - side view
FR-1 Cork bicycle saddle - front view
FR-1 Corkand titanium bicycle saddle - side view
Frame Cycles Cork bicycle saddle - rear view
Frame Cycles Cork and titanium bicycle saddle - top view

Cork saddle

We anticipate that the first batch of 25 saddles will be ready in Autumn 2022, with more to follow in early 2023.

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Cork saddle close up

Reconstituted cork seat

Cork's natural cushioning capacity and light weight make it the perfect material for a bike seat... read more

3D printed tianium underside - prototype of FR-1 cork and titanium bike saddle

Titanium sub-structure

An excellent strength to weight ratio, makes grade-5 titanium an ideal material for the sub-structure.

Prototype of cork bicycle saddle

Three year warranty and lifetime servicing

Our saddles come with a three year warranty and lifetime servicing at cost price... read more

Frame Cycles product packaging

Plastic free product and packaging

Both the product and packaging are plastic free and fully recyclable.

Cork saddle in snow

Waterproof and weather resistant

We've spent a long time testing different densities of cork and different formulas of water-based lacquer to ensure a naturally long lifespan, even in cold, wet climates like ours.

Titanium engraving of cork and titanium bike saddle

Hand finished and individually numbered

All of our saddles are hand-finished to the highest standard and will be individually numbered.

About Frame Cycles

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we've been testing and refining our debut product for the past 2 years... read more


Grade 5 Titanium Tube Ø7 mm
Reconstituted cork. Titanium.
3 years

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