Experiments in cork


We're currently beta testing some experimental variants of the FR-1 Saddle with the aim of offering a range of densities and finishes in the future.

We're excited to see how the new variants hold up, and in the meantime couldn't wait to share some of them with you, so we've put together this blog article.


Variant 01. Large Grain Reconstituted Cork

Large grain reconstituted cork is slightly softer and lighter than the fine grain variants. We're finding it to be slightly more crumbly at the edges however, so may need to apply a thicker lacquer or even modify the mould in order to combat this.


Variant 02. Upcycled EVA

By adding flecks of upcycled EVA to the mix, we found the resulting material to be softer and springier than the pure cork variants. Visually, we love the Jackson Pollock effect, whilst functionally we like the extra cushioning that comes with it. We can't wait to see how this variant performs under rigorous testing.


Variant 03. Honeycomb Cavities

Machining honeycomb cavities into the underside of the cork, helps to add some extra flex to the seat. It also reduces the weight of the resulting product by about 30g. We're testing a few different sizes and arrangements of cavity. If we find an arrangement that works well and that withstands vigorous testing, then we will modify our cork mould to match it for future productions.


Variant 04. Control sample

These are the standard FR-1 Bike saddles, which we've also included in our beta trials to help better understand how the new variants compare.


If you took part in the beta testing, many thanks for your support. Please remember to keep us updated regarding how you're getting on.

If you're interested in beta testing for Frame Cycles but missed out on this round don't worry! We'll be beta testing other products in the future - simply get in touch if you're interested in taking part next time.

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